Why You Should Hire A Charlotte Short Sale Agent to Sell Your Home

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Why you should hire a Charlotte Short Sale agent to sell your home: Charlotte short sales are a lengthy and complicated process that can overwhelm sellers, especially those who are new to the short sale process. An experienced Charlotte short sale agent will have a deep understanding of the process and help the seller move along the process smoothly until a successful closing.

If your home is underwater and you are thinking of a Charlotte short sale as an option, the advantages of hiring a Charlotte short sale agent are:

1. Save you time and stress. Unlike in a traditional sale, you would have to deal with more than just one party during a Charlotte short sale. One of these (and the biggest one) is your lender. Lenders are very difficult to deal with when it comes to short sales since they don’t want to accept even more of a loss. Sometimes the lender will misplace your documents, or miscommunication could happen which could delay the entire process. With a skilled Charlotte short sale agent helping you, you won’t have to spend hours on the phone waiting for answers or deal with resending paperwork.

2. Provide you with inside knowledge about Charlotte short sales. You may have a little understanding of how the short sale process works, but highly experienced Charlotte short sale agents will know the complexities and the possible roadblocks of the entire process. Your Charlotte short sale agent will help you identify and overcome each potential setback and help you reach a win-win negotiation with the lender.

Make sure you are working with a reputable Charlotte short sale agent who has had experience in closing Charlotte short sales successfully. The success of your short sale greatly rests on the shoulders of your Charlotte short sale agent, so choose wisely!

Nancy Braun is an established Charlotte short sale agent who understands the short sale process and is very proficient at working with all of the banks in your behalf.

Call Nancy Braun today, don’t hesitate! Call her directly at: 704-325-4955 or send an email at sold@showcaserealty.net


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